Look Like You But At Your Best

My makeup philosophy is to enhance your natural beauty.

I know I’ve done my work when people say you look amazing instead of “your makeup is beautiful.” It just means that I have enhanced your features instead of covering you all up in makeup gunk.

For me, it’s all about the subtleties and the art of restraint.






Gugo Strong

I recently went to the salon and tried a hair treatment. While the attendant washed my hair, he said that he was amazed that I hardly had any hair fall. So I told him I used Gugo and he just chuckled.

But it’s true! I have strong hair because of Gugo. And I use the actual bark! Not the traditional way, of course. It’s nestled inside every bottle of Zenutrients Gugo shampoo. I’ve been using it ever since I had hair fall from pregnancy and breastfeeding (with no fear of harmful chemicals because it’s organic!). I swear by it. So I was super ecstatic to find out that they came up with a gugo serum!

Now, both products (and a lot more other Zenutrients bottles of goodies) reside in my ever so crowded toiletry collection.

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Free in My Skin

So…freedom. Let me start this blog by being free from any biases. I am blogging about this product because they love the color purple. There. I said it. Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about its merits. It is a great brand after all, specially for people with sensitive skin like me. Because apparently, reader, there’s 60-70% of us in this country with skin that gets red, dry and flaky. Thank you, tropical, humid weather! And because of that, instead of facing the problem (That is your FACE! Sorry, that was so tempting.), we cover it all up with makeup gunk until our skin can’t breath or we melt like Olaf by the end of the day (again, tropical, humid weather). Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup! But it just doesn’t feel right when I need more than the usual because my skin has gone berserk. ENTER Physiogel!

The New Physiogel
I love their new packaging! So very sleek!

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